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Pucker Up with Our Top 5 Tips for Beautiful Lips

April 6, 2015

If you’ve ever experienced dry, flaky, cracking lips, you know how hard it is to get back that soft, supple feel and look. One crack may last for months and flaking can seem never-ending. Why Are Lips So Difficult to Restore? You may be surprised to learn that lips have no oil or sweat glands. The skin on our lips is also much thinner than the rest of our bodies, and yet our lips are exposed to everything we eat, drink, and breathe. Even so, you don’t have to end up with a sour smile! Follow these key tips for keeping lips healthy. Hydrate, Inside and Out This is the number one beauty tip for your lips. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, no excuses. Water helps your lips stay full and plump by hydrating your lips from the inside. When that isn’t enough, use a lip balm (not a gloss) that contains moisturizing ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, coconut butter. Even simple petroleum jelly or aloe vera is better than anything with salicylic acid or silicone, both of wh


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