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Want Your Brows to Be “On Fleek?” Check Out These Eyebrow Shaping Tips to Make Your Face Look Younger

December 4, 2015

Do you have eyebrow envy? It’s hard not to when you see a stylish woman’s impeccable eyebrows adding the perfect finishing touch to her face. Sculpted yet natural brows keep your face looking youthful—and neglecting them can add years to your appearance. Unfortunately, getting them to look just right is not always as easy as the beauty gurus make it seem. To help out, we’ve created a list of tips on how to style eyebrows that will help keep you looking polished and smart everywhere you go! Tip 1: Thou shalt not over-tweeze This is the biggest rule of all. Excessively tweezed, sparse, or unnaturally thin eyebrows can make your face look older than it is, in addition to drawing greater attention to any smile lines or wrinkles on your upper face. Keeping your brows fairly full is one of the best anti-aging tips out there. When in doubt, do some cleanup to avoid a wild or bushy brow, but hold back from tweezing your brows into oblivion. Put down the tweezers and walk away if you


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