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Melissa Knew Her Nose Was in Good Hands from the Start

As a focal point of your face, your nose can have a considerable impact on the rest of your features.  And if you re unhappy with the size or shape of your nose, it can make it difficult to feel comfortable and confident—which is something Melissa experienced for 20 years. Everyone has been so pleasant and… Continue Reading

Taking Weight Loss Results to the Next Level

After carrying twins full-term and shedding the excess weight that had bothered her most of her life, Cindy knew she could take her own life in hand and make better choices for herself. She worked with a nutritionist to make healthier food choices, started regularly going to the gym, and made major lifestyle changes. I… Continue Reading

Danielle Gets Her Perfect Breasts After a Long Wait!

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is one that takes a lot of thought—four years, to be exact, in Danielle s case! That s how long she dreamed of having her perfect breasts and contemplated breast augmentation. Now, her only regret is waiting so long. Looking back, I wish I had done it sooner. I am so… Continue Reading

5 Totally Scrumptious, Healthy Summer Eats to Enjoy (Regardless of Your Diet!)

There’s just something special about munching on quintessential warm-weather treats during the summertime. Unfortunately, the all-American grilled cheeseburgers, potato salad, and sugary desserts at every neighborhood barbeque don’t do much for one’s health—or waistline. Whether you’re trying to cut calories, have medical dietary restrictions, or have made a lifestyle choice to eat a certain way,… Continue Reading

Mom of 7 Gets the Full Treatment

As a mother to seven children (yes, seven!), Janice was seeing some pretty noticeable changes to her face and body, thanks to the toll of aging and childbearing. For around five years, she contemplated surgery and began researching her options. Janice knew she wanted to make a change, but didn t want to lose herself in the… Continue Reading

Getting Back in the Groove After Weight Loss

After losing weight, Taryn was unhappy with her breasts. Although she was excited to see results after all of her hard work, she didn t feel like herself when she noticed her previously shapely breasts were smaller and drooping. My breasts were very saggy. I needed a chest to match the rest of me so that… Continue Reading

Is Sex Good for Your Skin?

Sex is an enjoyable, healthy part of consenting adult relationships—and it’s been shown to benefit your overall health by lowering stress, improving sleeping habits, and boosting your immune system. But did you know that it can also make your skin glow? Refinery29’s Maria Del Russo wanted to test the theory that orgasming can improve skin… Continue Reading